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Zone Nordiques 360

NHL Popularity Is Poised to Grow (thehockeywriters.com)
The National Hockey League appears to be on the cusp of growth in popularity against the static existence of the other big leagues. Lire la suite


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236strong Publié il y a 1 mois
bon article sur québec et la nhl
RadarBLEU Publié il y a 2 mois
Why Quebec City? "The NHL learned the hard way that Atlanta was never going to be a hockey city. Even Gretzky would not be able to save that franchise. With a metro population of over five million people to draw on, they could never sell out the arena during the days of the Atlanta Flames nor the Atlanta Thrashers. In Winnipeg, a city that never deserved to lose their team, sold out the Thrashers-cum-Jets in minutes when the move was announced and the tickets went on the market. They continue to sell well. Winnipeg is a hotbed for hockey. There are two religions in Winnipeg: hockey and hockey, which would you prefer? With a population of barely 800,000, one-sixth the size of Atlanta, the ‘peg proved to the NHL for the second time, that hockey belongs there. Quebec City is no different and is about the same size as Winnipeg. Neither location is going to lose or gain the NHL a major television contract, but to serve the loyal fan base of these foundational markets, hockey should be delivered in the form of the NHL. In Winnipeg, the fans likely provide the league with millions of dollars in apparel and souvenir sales revenue. Both Quebec City and Winnipeg are foundational hockey markets."
RadarBLEU Publié il y a 2 mois
"From the state of Florida to the province of Quebec, to BC and down to Southern California and over to Texas, the primary markets that the NHL has not entered are Kansas City, MO and Quebec City, QC, which both previously had teams as well as Portland, OR.
The league probably shouldn’t go to 35 teams — however, a shuffling of locations, which is a complex undertaking, would be worth considering. Perhaps the state of Florida needs just one team. The Lightning are more successful on the ice and at the gate, perhaps the Panthers could move to Portland, Kansas City or Quebec City. Is Phoenix right for hockey? So far, they have only proven to be a cheap ticket and a short winter getaway for fans of the Oilers, Canucks and Flames. As for the Phoenix area, the Golden Knights now have the desert market area covered, flanked by Dallas and the LA-based teams."
Gérant d'estrade
Publiée il y a 6 jours
La LNH ‘’presque parfaite’’ vu par le Gérant d’Estrade…   Le texte d’Yvon Pedneault ( https://www.journaldequebec.com/2020/09/21/un-modele-daffaires-a-revoir ) Du 21 septembre 2020 ma fait penser à une chronique que j’ai écrite en 2018…   Voici ce texte (avec quelques mises à jour) En regardant le tableau des séries éliminatoires 2018 de la ligue à Gary Bettman, je me dis qu’encore... Lire la suite

Publiée il y a 1 semaine
Depuis des années les épisodes des problèmes des Coyotes se poursuivent... Les pertes sont importantes a chaque année et acheteur après acheteur les résultats restent les mêmes... Faillite - tutelle (NHL) - vente et toujours le même résultat. Albert Einstein disait  Nos bons ''experts'' ne cessent de nous dirent que le marché télé est important pour les contrats de télé... Qu'un déménagement... Lire la suite
Radar Bleu
NHL Commissioner says Houston wasn’t in consideration for an expansion franchise but is interested in making it happen in the future. Read more here. Lire la suite

Financial issues and arena questions are nothing new with the Arizona Coyotes. But those concerns were supposed to be pushed aside when Alex Meruelo took over as the NHL team’s owner in 2019.The big difference between the current questions and what happened in the past is that no one doubts the size of Meruelo’s businesses and bank accounts. But the Coyotes reportedly owe nearly half a million dollars to ASM Global, which manages the Glendale-owned venue where the team plays — Gila River Arena. Lire la suite
2020-09-19 au 2020-09-25
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